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Non-ferrous materials

Bring your aluminium, cables, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel, batteries, mixed metals and electric motors to Janssen IJzer- en Metaalrecycling.

Want the optimal price for your non-ferrous materials?


Want a fair price for your aluminium?
Then you are at the right place with Janssen IJzer- en Metaalrecycling.


Cables on offer?
We give you a good price.


Do you have copper for sale?
Then Janssen IJzer- en Metaalrecycling is your partner.

Stainless steel

Want to get rid of stainless steel items?
Bring it to us for a good price.


Want to sell ​​old lead?
Then think of our company.


Where do you take your batteries?
To us. We process all kinds of batteries.


Looking for a good zinc price?
Come to Janssen IJzer- en Metaalrecycling

Electric motors

Sell ​​electric motors to us.
The more copper it contains, the better the price.

Mixed metals

Have mixed metals that are ripe for the shredder? You can also bring old household appliances to us.

Want to know the current purchase prices?

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