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Ferrous materials

You can come to Janssen IJzer- en Metaalrecycling for all your iron, scrap, shavings, sheet waste and beams.

Want the optimal price for your ferrous materials?

Iron trimmings

Large quantities of iron trimmings?
Janssen IJzer- en Metaalverwerking knows how to handle that!


Want to get rid of your scrap?
With us, you get a good price.

Iron shavings

Iron shavings for sale?
We do not turn them down!

Sheet waste – New iron

Want to get rid of your sheet waste?
Come to Janssen IJzer- en Metaalrecycling.

Iron beams (iron oxy cutting)

Need one or more iron beams?
With us, you get value for your money.

Iron bars (iron oxy cutting)

Want to sell iron beams?
You can also turn to Janssen IJzer and Metaalrecycling for that.

Want to know the current purchase prices?

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